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2005, Jan-

UN World Environment Day

The 2005 World Environment Day marked the first time that the United Nations initiative was hosted in the United States. The San Francisco-based organizers saw this as an opportunity to host a week full of public events and as a way to put cities and the mayors who lead them at the forefront of environmental leadership. The event signaled the mainstreaming of eco-awareness with Al Gore's presentation of the now-legendary "An Inconvenient Truth".
The ambitious scale of the endeavor required a distinct and rich brand identity system that could span street banners, billboards, website, posters, programs, signage, delegate badges, as well as the Urban Environmental Accords. Creating a contemporary positive appeal, the campaign communicated how people could join in the "greening" of cities and the UNEP mission of sustaining life for future generations.


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At the closing ceremonies, 50 mayors from around the world signed and pledged to act on the Accords.
A wallscape mural welcomed U.N. delegates and the public to the San Francisco Civic Center.
A series of advertisements focused attention on simple, everyday choices.
When unfolded, the back of the poster becomes a program guide listing over 200 events.
The program guide opens up into a poster that depicts a harmonious integration of nature and city.
A series of posters were installed at bus shelters thoughout San Francisco.
The campaign uses a flexible grid system to unify diverse ideas and imagery, as shown in this poster.
Billboard depicting Earth's city lights: more than 50% of the world now lives in cities.
Street banners were installed at City Hall, one of the many event venues around town.
The main theme "Green Cities" was expressed through the pairing of visual opposites.