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2011, Jan-

Wikipedia 10th Anniversary

For the anniversary of Wikipedia's founding in 2001, the Wikimedia Foundation invited Wikipedians worldwide to celebrate on January 15th, 2011. And celebrate they did: more than 400 parties were held around the globe. To express the spirit of the occasion, Exbrook developed the thematic message: 10 years of ... and asked people to complete the phrase on posters and stickers.
For the event branding, we created an open system of graphic elements that were licensed CC BY 3.0 for free use and modification. Hundreds of design variations were produced and applied to cakes, invitations, posters, buttons, balloons and banners. Exbrook also gathered all unique language expressions -- 58 in total -- of the Wikipedia wordmark. These and the Wikipedia 10 identity were applied to a range of garments and T-shirts.


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Stockholm. photo by Jan Ainali, CC BY SA 3.0
Dhaka. photo by Bellayet, CC BY SA 3.0
Dhaka. photo by Bellayet, CC BY SA 3.0
Amsterdam. photo by Ziko van Dijks, CC BY SA 3.0
Amsterdam. photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg, CC BY SA 2.0
Berlin. photo by AndreĢ Kruger, CC BY SA 3.0
Wikipedia turns 10 San Francisco. photos by Lane Hartwell, CC BY SA 3.0