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2009, Jan-

Wikimedia Foundation

The flagship of the free knowledge movement, Wikipedia has grown to be the most important collaboratively created repository of knowledge in history. Built by more than 100,000 volunteers, it is currently the 5th most visited website on earth and the only non-profit in the global top 100.
The annual report from the Foundation that operates Wikipedia should be a compelling expression of that story. To that end, Exbrook focused on illuminating each distinct idea within the extraordinary vision statement that inspires this community. These ideas were visualized, using exceptional photographs selected from among the 10 million freely offered on the Wikimedia Commons, and featured in a pictorial essay at the front of the report.


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photo by Wikipedia user:Bermax, public domain
photo by Nepal OLPC, CC BY SA
photo by S. Moller, public domain
photo by Joshua Strang, public domain
photo by Andrew Ellison, CC BY SA